Product information

Product Name: PUCHISHIRUMA Roller within Ge

product manual:
● Inlaid with the purity of up to 99.999% of germanium energy particles without impurities. Extremely smooth and fast rotation, to give the skin a detailed massage and pull Ti effect.

● high-purity impurities without germanium energy particles
The use of high-purity products without impurities, 99.999% germanium particles, even the eye and mouth around the fragile skin can be assured use.

● smooth line handle design
This design is easy to use with the body part, easy to master.
The top part also contains a high purity impurities without germanium particles.

● Top is also embedded with germanium particles, can be used to press the face and body acupuncture points.
This product contains 11 high-purity germanium particles, the length of about 15cm,
Diameter of about 16mm,
Weight 52g
Wipes included with dual-use bag

Price: 35,000 yen

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