PUCHISHIRUMA Super Medical Support 510K for waist

Product information

Product Name: PUCHISHIRUMA Super Medical
support 510K for waist
(Containing germanium particles acupuncture points paste 2)

product manual: The United States Food and Drug Administration certified medical grade 510K, with germanium particles acupuncture points attached to the study very protective belt.

● Features:
1.Germanium particles can be attached to the belt, the site for the stimulation of acupuncture points.
2. The use of special materials, with your fingers can be a simple paste of Germanium particles, can change at any time want to strengthen the site.
3. Taking into account the needs of fashion, was significantly thin design. Reduce the burden on the body, fixed and difficult to shift, not easy to produce wrinkles, lightweight, can reduce the impact of external and other functions.
4. The use of breathable excellent special materials
To avoid as a result of hot airtight discomfort when wearing.
5. The use of Japan's Teijin fiber development NANOFRONT fiber, the world's first development of the diameter of 700 nm ultra-fine polyester fiber. And the skin of the high degree of fit, reduce friction caused by damage.

● Size:
S 55-75 cm
M 75-95 cm
L 95-115 cm

Price: 23,000 yen / set

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