PUCHISHIRUMA SuperDX (20 Capsules)

Product information

Product Name:PUCHISHIRUMA SuperDX (20 Capsules)

product manual: 99.999% germanium element acccupuncture points massage tablets (large particles 7mm), attached to the waist, neck, elbows, knees and other muscle and joint ache site, the use of acupuncture points to stimulate acupuncture points, can effectively relieve discomfort and achieve Relaxation effect.
Ge particles can be reused.

● find painful parts, with a towel to wipe the skin moisture and oil clean. Will be affixed with a special element of Germanium massage particles patch, close to the pain in the site.
● repeatedly affixed to the same location may cause skin discomfort, it is recommended 2-3 days to change location stickers.
● If you need to replace the adhesive part, please remove the used patch and replace it with a new one.

Price: 42,120 yen / box

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