Leda Pure Germanium Roller Cherish

Product information

Product Name:Leda Pure Germanium Roller Cherish

product manual:
● Inlaid with the purity of up to 99.999% without impurities of germanium energy particles 10. Six edges and corners designed to rotate extremely smooth and fast, to give the skin a detailed massage and excellent pull Ti effect. Even the fragile skin around the eyes and corners of the mouth can be used with confidence.
● Bar-shaped design curve
Grips Ergonomic baton line design, the use of more convenient and comfortable.
● Top is also embedded with germanium particles, can be used to press the face and body acupuncture points.
● Super lightweight:
Super lightweight design, weighs only 44g, less than an egg! Easy to carry without burden.
This product is high purity germanium particles 10,
Length 14cm
Diameter 14.5mm
Weight 44g
Wipes included with dual-use bag

Price: 10926 yen

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